Midlife Concerns

What is midlife anyway? Generally it’s the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Midlife transitions are not always crises but they are times of change, in our bodies, in our lives, and often in our goals or lack thereof. We may have chosen these changes or they may have shown up and surprised us or our feelings about them surprise us.

Maybe you’re confused or unhappy with where you are right now, or you’re questioning the choices you’ve made that got you there. Are things that used to make you happy or help you to cope no longer working? 

 I work with people in midlife to help them navigate their lives NOW. Some people explore what should come next, then find the path to get there.  Others need support or help with acceptance of certain changes.

Some examples of midlife crisis concerns include: 

  • Loneliness and loss of purpose that comes up during “empty nest” syndrome or after divorce
  • Questioning the choice to stay in an established relationship that has financial security but lacks emotional connection.
  • Questioning whether to stay in a career that brings wealth or prestige, but lacks personal fulfillment
  • Being “aged-out” of your field due to ageism
  • Regret over missed opportunities in the past
  • Issues connected to past trauma or unresolved emotional wounds
  • Wondering “Is this all there is?”
  • Struggling with health issues or acceptance of the aging process

I have enjoyed with working with different populations and issues over the course of my 30something year career. I still do but now I am choosing to focus in a couple of areas. As stated above, supporting people with grief is a passion but so is riding the life transition waves with people. I now have a deep interest in mid-life transitions and would love to help you navigate your own.