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Do You Need Helping Navigating Your Divorce? 

  • Have you and your spouse made the difficult decision to divorce?
  • Are you hoping to avoid the emotional and financial expenses of going to Court?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and worried that you won’t be able to effectively stick up for yourself?
  • Are you unsure of what exactly you want from your divorce proceedings?
  • Are you worried about your children and want to do all you can to protect them from traumatic experiences?
  • Do you wish you had the support and advice of someone who will listen to you and be on your side without charging you and arm and a leg?

Divorce can be a difficult and painful process. You may feel confused by the legal system and wonder how to proceed without breaking the bank. Maybe you want to avoid the expense of hiring separate lawyers and are choosing to work with a collaborative lawyer instead, but also want to feel like someone is on your side. You might want someone to help you coordinate with an attorney or mediator so you can have your needs and desires met.

Perhaps you are having difficulty making effective decisions because painful emotions are so fresh. You may be struggling to divide property and belongings and need help figuring out what is fair. If you and your ex have children, you may be worried about how to protect them from the pain of divorce while you try to figure out how to split time and make fair arrangements. You might be torn between conflicting sets of values. For example, you may not want your partner to walk all over you, but also desire to maintain a civil relationship for the sake of your children. Maybe you aren’t even sure what your values are right now. You might want to go through your divorce with the most respect and dignity as possible

Divorce Is Common, But It’s Never Easy

Roughly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. You are not alone in your decision to end a relationship that just wasn’t working, and there is no reason to feel ashamed of your decision. Marriages end for all sort of complicated reasons, and the divorce process can be equally complex, confusing and exhausting. The idea of going to Court may be overwhelming, especially if you have a busy schedule and wish to avoid the expense and complications of appearing before a judge. But, it’s also very common to feel as though you need help effectively communicating and resolving conflict with your ex. Many people need help navigating their emotions and clarifying their priorities. It can be difficult to balance concern for yourself, your children, your pets, your home and even your ex all at once – especially if you are trying to do it all by yourself.

Divorce Coaching Can Help You Navigate the Choppy Waters of Separation 

As your divorce coach, I will be on your side. The divorce process can feel painful and isolating, but you don’t have to navigate it on your own. I will listen to you as you share and explore concerns that you might feel uncomfortable expressing in front of your partner. I will be on your team.

During divorce coaching sessions, we will focus on the challenges of the present as well as your goals for the future. If you are feeling angry, hurt or just confused, it can be difficult to stick up for yourself or come to a compromise. For example, you may be tempted to just get it over with and give your partner everything even though this course of action could limit your future. Or, you might feel eager to fight for something like a pet or possession that you aren’t even sure you really want. As your support and guide, I can help you sort through emotions so that you can make important decisions in the most clear-headed way possible.

In addition to my work as a therapist, I have also been trained in mediation and sometimes work closely with a supervising attorney, Julia Weber – who is a collaborative attorney and mediator, see – to help clients work through their divorces as smoothly as possible. I am also happy to work collaboratively with your lawyer or mediator of choice. If you feel confused by the legal system, I can provide you with information so that you better understand divorce procedures and your options. Although I cannot give legal advice, I can also offer you advice and help you develop the tools, confidence and perseverance to move forward.

Through divorce coaching, you can experience the most peaceful divorce possible. You can avoid the trauma and bitterness of a drawn-out court battle. In addition, you can save money that you need to rebuild your future. With help, you can end your marriage with dignity and respect and keep yourself intact.

divorce-counseling-julie-minoffAlthough you may believe that divorce coaching can help you effectively dissolve your marriage, you may still have questions or concerns…

I think divorce coaching will be too expensive.

Divorce is expensive. However, divorce coaching can actually help you save money. Many people find themselves venting to their lawyers, which only contributes to their hourly fees. And, lawyers are not trained to respond to your emotional needs and listen to your concerns in the same way that a divorce coach is. In addition, I can help you and your ex-partner work with a collaborative lawyer or mediator so that you can have your needs met while avoiding the cost of hiring two separate divorce lawyers and going to Court.

Why do I need a divorce coach? I have a mediator.

Mediators are neutral. They won’t take sides between the two parties getting divorced. As your divorce coach, I will be there for you. I can support you, especially when things seem rocky. No matter how difficult the proceedings are, I will help you stay in touch with your values as you navigate your short-term and long-term goals. While divorce coaching is distinct from therapy, I will use my experience as a counselor to guide you through this process with compassion and care.

I’m embarrassed. I can’t talk about this stuff.

Divorce is hard. Everyone does something or says something that they wish they hadn’t during a painful break-up. Divorce coaching is a safe place for you to express your feelings without fear of judgment. And, unlike your friends or family members, I can be on your side while offering you a removed perspective and problem-solving skills. I can help you figure out what you need to do to keep moving forward. You are not alone in this.

If you are overwhelmed by the complications of divorce, I invite you to call me at (650) 269-1688 for a free 15-minute phone consultation to ask any questions you have about divorce coaching and my practice.